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One of my favorite art events of the year! Shattemuc Plein Air Paint Out. 35 artists. We start painting at 7am on the docks and hand in our finished painting by 2pm. Hanging and viewing at 3:30pm. LIVE Auction at 5pm.

I was feeling bold this year and brought a 30"x40" canvas and had a different idea in mind for a painting.

The auction raises money for the Junior Sailing Academy so that was my focus.

My usual painterly oily drippy style was overtaken by clean lines and large swatches of opaque acrylic paint. In the heat of the morning the acrylic dried on the brush on its way toward the canvas. Working fast was in order.

By noon, after 5 hours of painting, I started to sweat and didn't think it would be close to completion by 2. I was painting feverishly. Getting lines and perspectives accurate isn't so easy when you're under a time constraint.

The kind lady painting next to me brought me water and my painter friend Doug brought me a plate piled high with Coulter's famous bbq burger & salads.

At 2pm I realized I hadn't brought any wire to hang this large piece. Out of the blue appeared Coulter with his toolbox and came to my rescue.

Lots of my friends were present at the auction, in addition to a great crowd of enthusiastic bidders and supporters of the Sailing Academy. The event turned out to be hugely successful for the Yacht Club. Shattemuc has has me to make prints of this painting (and another) available for sale. What an honor and a perfect memory of this awesome yacht club on the Hudson River!

Go to for more information.

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